Made with gelatin or agar, 3D jelly art cakes are like edible glass paperweights. The floral or nature-based designs are created from the underside of the cakes with specially shaped stainless steel nozzles and syringes.

Intricately-designed 3D jelly cakes are really popular in South-East Asian countries like Vietnam and Malaysia, and in Mexico, but some of the world’s most amazing such edible masterpieces are actually created by an Australian.

The Sidney based artist Siew Heng Boon discovered the art of 3D jelly cakes in 2016. The she started to learn learned all the basics about design, coloring and taste. Fast forward to present day, Siew Heng Boon runs her very own artistic jelly cake business, and her works are regularly featured by some of the world’s largest media outlets.

Each of these beautiful cakes can take up to 5 hours to complete depending on complexity. It definitely takes a lot of patience to complete these dessert ideas but so worthwhile once you unmould the jelly to reveal the final masterpiece!

Below are some of her amazing work. And you can find more from  Instagram | Youtube | Facebook |

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