Design: Men Bureau
Location: Kyiv (UA)
Type: Residential
Area: 140 sq m
Year: 2021

JP Residence is the first detached house for a family of two who has long been living in a rental apartment. When gave wishlist, the owner said “We would love to have quiet and a cozy feeling in our new home, fusing an international design sense with Japan’s unique aesthetic.”

Designed with that in mind, a substantial amount of warm-colored wood and plaster is used. Moreover, a big number of circles and arcs are used to evoke a sense of smoothness; and added rounded corners to various areas of the internal space for visual comfort.

The kitchen and bookshelves are made of cherry wood, while shallow niches are decorated with alternating artwork. The materials selected reflect the client’s natural and minimalist preferences and need for longevity, durability, and practical use. This residence was made to last, with a very straightforward, authentic, and casual look.

The custom tactile elements and bespoke furniture all act as well-crafted handmade extensions of the home, as an expression of its owners and their aspirations. The most eye-catching furniture probably is the wall ceiling-mounted bookshelf which is made without screws or bolts. Instead, the designs are assembled out of wooden poles and marble planes that simply slot together.

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