If you’re hiring a team of Denver interior designers for your home or commercial space, then you don’t want to go with just anyone. Choosing the wrong interior design for your project can end up costing you more time and money—and simply enough, a ton of frustration. But if you know what to look for and what to ask a potential interior design professional, then this process can be that much smoother for everyone involved.

Here, we’re taking a closer look into the world of interior design, and specifically, reviewing some important questions you should ask early on in the process. Before even hiring your interior designer, read this article for key questions to ensure you find the perfect one for your project and tastes.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

Before hiring one of these professionals, let’s make sure we’re all caught up on just what an interior designer really does. Interior designers are essential for the successful construction of any type of building—no matter how large or small. Whether you’re renovating your apartment or a commercial building project like a hospital, interior designers work alongside other professionals like the architect to ensure the success of the project.

While these professionals will always be valued for knowing what will be aesthetically-pleasing in a design and space, they also have education and experience pertaining to the construction, architecture, and even the renovation process. They can help you plan out a space early on, such as where to put a wall or how large to build. They can also ensure you meet safety regulations and that the space will be functional. Interior designers work with homeowners, realtors, contractors, and architects to create amazing spaces.

Is an Interior Designer the Same as an Interior Decorator?

With the professional titles being so close, it’s easy for people to confuse the two. But while they do work in a similar field, their roles and responsibilities are rather different—differences you definitely want to know about if you’re looking for quality interior design services. Choosing the wrong professional could end up delaying your project severely and waste you both time and money in the big picture.

Let’s start with interior decorators. These professionals focus primarily on the aesthetics and the layout from a visual perspective of your space. They usually would never be involved in the construction phase of your project. Instead, they will jump into action later on when you’re working with the finishing touches.

Many people frame interior decorators as the personal stylist for an interior space. They can help with the overall layout and design, which can include furniture, appliances, and wall décor. They can also help out with the overall aesthetics of your space by choosing the perfect colors, fabrics, and pieces to bring your space to meet your original vision and goals.

Interior designers, on the other hand, play a much more primary role for your project from the initial stages. If an interior decorator helps with the icing on the cake, then you could say that your interior designer is helping you bake the whole cake. Interior designers can assist with the initial planning and overall architectural design of your space. Since some may also offer decorating services, you may just need one for your project.

5 Questions to Ask Your Interior Designer

Like any other relationship in your life, communication is key to success when it comes to finding the right interior designer for your project. To help you avoid this mistake (one that is a bit more common than you might expect), we’ve compiled a few important questions to ask your potential interior design partner. Asking these questions will save you a lot on time in the long run and can help you complete your project even sooner.

  1. Which design services do you offer?

    Not every interior designer is created the same. While there are some full-service interior design firms, some will only specialize in certain parts of the process. They may just offer specific services. Some interior designers can work in initial design and planning. On the other end, some interior design firms will be able to take your project all the way from blueprint to the final project.

  2. What type of experience do they have?

    Make sure to ask your potential interior designer what type of experience they have. Also, check into whether or not they’ve worked on projects similar to yours. Just think about this scenario: if an interior designer has only worked on residential spaces, are they the right choice for your large-scale commercial project? Probably not.

  3. What if I’m not happy with my design?

    Even with the best interior designers, disagreements or concerns are bound to to occur every now and then. This is why communication is so essential for every step of the way. Don’t be afraid to ask directly: what if I don’t like your design concept? Most interior designers will be open to adapting their initial plans and design to meet your vision. If not, they may not be the right one for your project.

  4. Who exactly will be working on my project?

    There’s a fair chance that more than one interior designer will be working on your project. It’s important to have a clear idea about who exactly will be involved, what their levels of experience are, and what their roles will be.

  5. What can I expect for costs?

    Of course, don’t overlook finances. Before beginning any project, ask for a clear estimate about what you can expect to pay.


An interior designer plays a key role in the planning, construction, and then even the renovation of an interior space. Whether we’re talking about a home, apartment complex, office building, or even a huge commercial property, these pros can ensure that the space is up to code, functions properly, and still looks beautiful. But don’t rush into signing up with the very first interior designer you meet. By asking your potential interior designer the right questions early on in the process, it’ll increase your chances of finding the perfect one for you.

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