With a funny nickname “Deep Pit“, this unusual hotel is world’s first lowest lying hotel which opened recently. Officially called “Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland”, it is located at the SheShan Mountain Range. Having two floors above ground, 16 floors underground and two floors underwater, this eye-popping, luxury hotel is standing out as a must-see destination in itself. Built mostly below ground in a deep pit of an abandoned quarry in southwestern Shanghai, it’s being hailed as a modern architectural wonder.

Designed by the British design firm Atkins, the hotel is built into the side of an 88-metre deep, water-filled quarry. The top floor is at ground level and features a rooftop covered in lush green flora and fauna, blending seamlessly into the surrounding area. The hotel houses 337 rooms and suites that boast curved balconies where guests can enjoy views of the waterfalls spilling from the surrounding cliffs and the transparent glass waterfall built into the centre of the hotel. Two underwater levels will house a restaurant and guest rooms facing a ten-metre-deep aquarium. Although it is a luxury hotel indeed, it also was built with eco-friendly design principles and generates its own power, heating and lighting through the use of geothermal and solar energy.

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