Hong Kong-based artist Johnson Tsang creates porcelain works of art with a twist—oftentimes, literally. He sculpts rubbery and realistic human faces. Merging the influences of realism and surrealism , Tsang consistently generates online buzz.

Specializing in ceramics, stainless steel sculpture and public art work, Tsang pushes the boundaries of the viewer’s imagination. Tsang’s variety of creative works demonstrates his love for experimentation. In some of the busts, hands emerge from the head to manipulate the face, such as scraping through the facial features or stretching the skin beyond the skull to reveal empty space within. Others depict faces that have been completely scrambled by a whirlpool or melted into a puddle with the ears, nose, and eyes all misplaced.

Ultimately, the artist’s sculptures are left open to interpretation, though it’s hard not to extract a deeper, internal struggle or an emotional element within each piece.

If you like Tsang’s mind-bending sculptures, you can purchase it via his online store. Or see what he’s up to next by following the artist on Instagram.

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