Having found the person you want to spend forever with can mean you are in a hurry to get life together started. But don’t be, because this time before your wedding day should be cherished and enjoyed. Many brides strive to look their best on their big day. Just be sure that you are doing it for yourself and not because you feel pressured. With a good exercise and diet plan, you can commence your married life in your healthiest and fittest version of yourself. So here we bring to you an effective pre-wedding training and diet plan that will make you look and feel fantastic.

No to Crash or Fad Diets

Avoiding the dangerous fad’ diet of the week’ is crucial. It can be tempting to go for a crash diet if you have some weight you had like to get rid of. But as all experts suggest, it is just not a good idea to do so for many reasons.

First of all, such crash and fad diets tend to make you feel weak, something you want to be when you have a wedding to plan. They also may make your skin look dull and less healthy, as where proper nutrition will have you glowing.

If you rapidly lose weight, you may need to get a ring size chart to buy the perfect wedding rings and do a lot more. You cannot afford to be physically weak while dealing with all of the stress of wedding planning. Also, crash diets make you lose weight fast and gain it all back when you go to eating back like a normal human being. You don’t want that, right?


It is also necessary that you stay hydrated. The best thing to do would be to drink up on water as much as possible. Staying away from fizzy drinks is also good because your skin will thank you.

It would be good if you could carry a bottle everywhere you go because it will help you meet your daily water quota of 2 to 3 liters.

Eat More Colors

A simple way for brides-to-be to eat well and not fall under the trap of “dieting”; is to include more colors on their plates. Try to add more colors in the form of fruits, vegetables, and proteins. It is crucial to have some sort of carbs. Stick to complex carbs because they are better for the body in more ways than one, and they could even help you lose a bit extra weight.

Eat Healthy Fats

Fats are necessary for your diet, and including healthy fats is excellent for your skin and hair. You can eat moderate amounts of olive oil, butter, and ghee with every meal. The only thing you must remember is not to overdo fats as they are calorie-dense. You may choose to measure out one or two searings at each meal for balance.

Include something Raw Everyday

This is such an easy lesson in eating well. Try and include some form of food every day that is raw, like a salad or fruit. Focus on eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, focusing on nutrient-dense foods like leafy greens and colorful berries.


Make sure you perform moderate forms of exercise for an hour at least 4 to 5 days a week. This way, you will have the strength and stamina to plan a wedding and lose some weight if that is your fitness goal.

As long as you maintain a good diet and exercise routine, you will feel fantastic and fit for your wedding.

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