Project: Yerevan Apartment
Architects: Zenit Studio
Location: Paruyr Sevak St, Yerevan, Armenia
h/t: homeworlddesign

Like what Zenit Studio did for their friends’ place, the owner of this Yerevan apartment reached to the studio and asked them to do the same thing for their apartment. They liked the design where everything is close to minimalism but at the same time not gloomy or too light, and not boring and empty.

After discussion with the owner, Zenit Studio freely made a mix of minimalism and avant-garde there are also elements of chic, but everything is in straight lines. Although dark tone color is widely used in the interior, with the correct usage of accent color, the whole place actually have a cozy and elegant feeling. The ergonomics of each room were of great importance because the a half-open layout the apartment. The glass partition which separates the kitchen from the hall helps with the light flow but provide enough separation.

Among the whole design, the lighting fixtures and customized built furniture are my favorite elements.



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