Designer: Yes Home Studio
Photographer: Abluebird Photography
h/t: home-designing

White Décor has been widely used in minimalist modern interiors. They are known to help the place feel airy tranquility. However, this is the first time I saw someone uses that much area of white in their home. White furniture, countertop, ceiling, wall, and even those soft furnishing like curtain and cushion, they are all white. Honestly, I am not sure I like such kind of style. But if you are such kind of person who wants clean, neat and perfection, it might worth checking.

This apartment is located in Ha Noi City, Vietnam. Besides all the white décor, there are two designing features need to be noted. First is the reading nook, which is fashioned into the large window reveal. Wood paneling frames the bench as a room within a room. Moreover, drawers beneath the window bench provide extra storage to the minimalist living room, to help keep the space clear and organised.

The second design worth checking is the bedroom. Inside the bedroom, custom made furniture makes the most of compact dimensions. A platform bed has been built to fit the room from edge-to-edge, including an elongated headboard design that encompasses a floating bedside storage unit. An extended ledge along the length of the bed is a very sweat design. It is very handy for temporarily storing the stuff you have before go to bed. Moreover, underneath the edge is extra storage area for the bedroom. A glass wall showcases the ensuite bathroom and a modern freestanding bathtub. But it also has a curtain outside the glass wall to provide privacy when needed.

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