In the bustling heart of Hong Kong Central, international architectural and interior design firm In Situ & Partners have curated a sophisticated pied-à-terre that epitomizes modern elegance. This stunning project seamlessly marries the timeless essence of Japanese design with contemporary sophistication, resulting in a space that exudes tranquility and refinement.

Principal Yacine Bensalem explains, “The ‘less is more’ philosophy of Japanese design served as our guiding principle for this project.” Embracing this ethos, the team envisioned a space characterized by clean lines, natural materials, and a soothing neutral color palette. The result is an atmosphere of understated luxury that welcomes inhabitants with open arms.

Spanning over 2000 square feet, the apartment boasts panoramic views of the vibrant city below. The focal point of the residence is its expansive T-shaped main living space, thoughtfully divided into a dining room, living area, and a traditional tatami tea room. Light parquet floors and warm wood cabinetry set the stage for an exquisite collection of European design pieces, creating a harmonious blend of cultures and styles.

To introduce a sense of movement and fluidity, a custom rug featuring a wavy design reminiscent of Zen garden patterns graces the floor, while all technological elements are discreetly integrated into the meticulously crafted ceiling.

Continuing the theme of natural elements, the studio space beyond the living area, separated by a glass and wood screen, offers a communal desk with commanding views of the city skyline. Meanwhile, the sleek kitchen, adorned with custom-made cabinetry in matte lacquer, perfectly complements the apartment’s minimalist aesthetic.

The primary bedroom serves as a serene sanctuary, adorned with soft textiles and tranquil hues. Drawing upon feng shui principles, a Japanese landscape silk painting adorns the wall above a custom-made fabric headboard, while brown leather wraps the window ledge, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication. The adjoining his and hers walk-in closets, featuring checkered glass doors and traditional washi paper accents, further enhance the space’s sense of refinement.

A highlight of the residence is the authentic Japanese-style primary bathroom, where original fixtures and materials evoke a timeless sense of sophistication and tranquility, completing the holistic experience of this modern urban oasis.

In Situ & Partners have masterfully crafted a haven of elegance and tranquility amidst the dynamic energy of Hong Kong Central, where every detail reflects a commitment to timeless design and refined living.

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