Around 2 years ago, we featured some playful kids meals created by Japanese food artist Etoni Mama (previous). Different from that time when Etoni used eggs ad the main ingredient in her meal creation, Etoni tried many different food in her latest creation. And the end result is still amazing.

Etoni Mama started creating dishes with fun and playful details to make it look more appetizing for her 3 lucky children. The woman revealed that the food she makes for her kids should not only look good but be delicious as well. By looking at the pictures, I am sure we will all agree with the looking part. As for the taste, although I won’t be able to try personally, they do look yummy and nutritious.

According to Etoni, “I started making artsy food in order to interest my second daughter, who has an unbalanced diet, and that was the reason I started making such dishes.” Since then Etoni Mama has mastered the art of creating character bento. And you can find many well-known and lovable characters in her meal creation.

Although I am sure I won’t be able to cook any of these, that doesn’t stop me mouth-watering at them. Honestly, I have seen many of these character bento creations, Etoni’s creation is definitely one of the most tempting ones. These kids meals still look like food to me instead of decoration.

More info: Instagram

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