When I first saw this product, I thought that cat brush was a kind of joke and couldn’t believe it was actually a real product. Honestly, I have seen many cat supplies and never saw anything close to that.

Called the “LICKI Brush“, it is a cat brush made up of a number of silicone bristles that attach to a mouth guard like part of the device where you can bite down to hold onto the brush.

To use it, simply grasp LICKI’s bite portion with your teeth, slowly approach your cat when she is sleeping or in an otherwise pleasant mood. Then ease into a slow licking movement on their back or head.

Why? Why? Why? Why you, as a cat owner need to do that? According the the manufactory:

  • Licking your cat is an oddly meditative practice, soothing for both you and your feline.
  • It is fun to groom your cat with LICKI
  • It helps to develop a deeper relationship with your cat

If you do believe these words, you can get that cat brush from their official site or amazon. Personally, I strongly suggest you think hard before clicking that BUY button. Because for me, it most likely not work at all in regards to actually cat brushing, but also just makes you look weird while using it. Or, maybe I just totally misunderstand the usage of the product. It is not a tool but instead a toy …

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