Maryam Hosseini’s Infinite Convertible Bag is more than just an accessory—it’s a fusion of history, functionality, and sustainability, all woven into a stunning fashion statement.

What sets the Infinite Bag apart is its deep roots in the mathematical and geometric principles that define Iranian architecture from the Safavid period. Imagine a dome, crafted with intricate geometric patterns to create a three-dimensional masterpiece from a flat design. Now, envision a bag that transforms similarly, using origami-inspired folds to morph from a flat piece of exquisite leather into a dynamic, structured accessory.

The real allure of the Infinite Bag is its ability to shift into over 40 distinct shapes. It’s like carrying a piece of adaptable art. Whether your style is whimsical, sophisticated, or somewhere in between, this bag adjusts to suit your mood and needs. Imagine carrying a bit of architectural genius with you, wherever you go.

The creation of the Infinite Bag is a perfect blend of tradition and technology. Each of the 96 pieces of genuine cow leather and 18 sets of snap buttons are meticulously mapped out in AutoCAD, then laser-cut to precise dimensions before being assembled by hand. This meticulous process ensures both the sustainability of the materials and the durability of the bag.

But the Infinite Bag is more than just technical prowess and sustainable design; it’s about the connection it fosters. This bag invites you to play an active role in its story. Every configuration you choose adds to its narrative, building a personal bond that grows deeper with each transformation. It’s the kind of relationship we all seek with the items we cherish most.

Balancing beauty with practicality was no small feat. The team faced numerous trials to find the perfect materials that would stand the test of time and maintain their integrity through countless transformations. The choice of snap buttons over magnets, for instance, was a crucial decision, ensuring the bag’s ease of use and versatility.

The Infinite Convertible Bag by Maryam Hosseini is not just a handbag—it’s a celebration of art, history, and innovation, designed to adapt and evolve with you.

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