Paint With Knives, Etched Animal Skin Art

What a clever and practical way to create art. Mark Evans uses anything sharp from a flint to a broken glass(until he discovered knives-lol), to cut and etch his way into animal skins, to produce some of the most awesome artworks I’ve seen in a long time.

Etched Animal Skin Art
Etched Animal Skin Art

With those knives, he pioneered something no one else in the world had done before. His blades through the leather surface to reveal the suede beneath. He keeps cutting, keeps etching…and slowly in the leather an image is formed……

Etched Animal Skin Art
Etched Animal Skin Art
“I don’t do brushes, I can’t paint…I just play with knives” – Mark Evans, 2010

Etched Animal Skin Art
Check out more of his works in his website here!

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  1. Israel says:

    I need a contact number of someone who can do knife painting

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