Perfectly Timed Photography is always fun to look. Somehow these creative photographers seem never run out of their imagination. And can always find a way to capture photo from perfect angle or at perfect time.

When look at these well timed photos, they seem to be pretty easy. You might think, just wait for that right time. How hard it can be? Maybe it isn’t difficult as a follower since you know how the end result should look like. But to be the first one who find that right time, and freeze that right moment, is NOT easy at all.

Moon, cloud, landscape, architecture, we have featured many great Perfectly Timed Photography on our site. Today, we will introduce a talented Indian photographer – Krutik Thakur. He can shoot gorgeous silhouetted photos where he seamlessly incorporates the sunset as an integral part of the distinct narrative that he chooses to convey.

Thakur has many impressive works and you might already stumble upon some. Football sun, lantern sun, magic sun, baseball sun, Thakur found many ways to capture silhouettes with sunset .

Below are some of Thakur’s playful work and you can head over to his Instagram to find out more.

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