Coin purses or coin bags are small money bags or pouches, made for carrying coins. If you have a minimalist wallet and you still need to carry your coins around, then a coin case or coin purse probably is a good place to store them.

In most cases, coin purse is pretty plain. It is just a safety place to keep your changes. However, some designers gave a good thought to it and bring some humor and lightheartedness to it. So we get below lovely collection, adorable felted wood dog coin purse.

In the shapes of all kinds of dog heads, each purse features an level of detail, giving it an incredibly lifelike appearance. These are truly one-of-kind coin purses and you will definitely be the focus if have one in your hand. However, with a price tag over 100 USD, I am not sure that is the coin purse for many people.

Anyway, but if you are interested in it, you can head over here to find more coin purses. FYI, the site does ship internationally, however, all the product details are in Japanese.

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