In this special time, many of us are locked inside home and keep the social distance. Honestly it is very hard, especially when the weather isn’t promising as well. Although we can’t get out, there is many ways to bring outdoor inside. For example, artist Jami from Jupiter Oak Jewelry has created her own unique take on terrariums by designing massive botanical arrangements that can hang on the wall.

These stunning works of art are all made by hand. Using moss, ferns, flowers, botanical, embroidery hoop, resin and LOVE from different seasons, Jami built her special terrarium. Once satisfied with the composition, the artist then preserves the plants using ice resin and fastens them to a large wooden hoop that varies in diameter.

As you can imagine, the material changes with time. And they are literally whatever Jami could find which makes each piece unique and one of a kind. However, over thousand price tag (Jami’s Etsy store) is not quite acceptable. Maybe we should just give a try by ourselves. Get some art resin and some small molds, it doesn’t look that hard right? Then it probably a good way to kill some unpleasant time at home.

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