Although you don’t want to swim with jellyfish, you have to admit that swim with them is fantastically calming. But having them in a tank seems like too much of a sting risk. Good thing we have the perfect way to do it, this Light-Up Mini Jellyfish Lamp!

Filled with two artificial jellyfish, there’s no risk of stings. And moreover, you don’t need to worry about feeding them. Captivating mood lighting with 16 light colors and 4 lighting effects that best captures your fantasy and brings the allure of a real marine aquariums to your home, without the hassles of maintenance.

Its sleek, minimalistic and modern design with an elegant shape can perfectly suit any décor. Hence, this tank is excellent as a desktop ornament, a nightlight, or a mood light. So, if you’re ready to experience the amazing ambiance of a jellyfish tank, order this Light-Up Mini Jellyfish Lamp now (buy from amazon)!

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Kit includes:

  • remote
  • two fake jellyfish
  • two clownfish
  • USB adapter for power

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