Project: From the Roof Down – Former Storage Room Converted
Interior Design: Egue y Seta
Location: Madrid, El Escorial, Spain
Area: 97m2

With the help of design studio Egue y Seta, this former has been successfully turned into a family-hub, a mixed use area to be devoted to entertainment, relaxation, play, reading, painting, music, guitar playing and guests hosting.

Due to its high ceiling, the owner is lucky enough to have a mezzanine floor in an attic. Built-in under stair storage, art studio and a reading area under the mezzanine, a pull-out bed, a kids play area with tent, a wall-mounted fireplace and a beautiful washroom. This is a perfect place for all the family activities. There are even an hidden bedroom with a cozy read/relaxing area on top. Any guest will enjoy a night there.

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