Imagine a world where your toothbrush doubles as a candy dispenser – a quirky yet ingeniously practical concept that challenges conventional thinking. Enter Pelin Özbalcı’s brainchild, the one&done toothbrush, a travel essential that marries dental hygiene with a dash of playfulness and unprecedented functionality.

In the realm of design, innovation doesn’t always mean reinventing the wheel; sometimes, it’s about reimagining familiar tools through a fresh perspective. Özbalcı, an industrial designer hailing from Istanbul, ingeniously merges two seemingly unrelated items: the trusty toothbrush and the playful allure of a candy dispenser. The result? A travel toothbrush that not only serves its primary purpose but also dispenses toothpaste tablets, much like PEZ candies from our childhood days.

Crafted from frosted transparent plastic, the one&done’s outer shell isn’t just for aesthetics – it offers a glimpse into the toothpaste tablet supply, so you’ll always know when it’s time for a refill. With a capacity of 20 toothpaste tablets, this toothbrush is your compact companion for up to ten days of travel, accommodating both morning and evening brushing routines.

But that’s not where the innovation ends. Özbalcı tackles the age-old issue of messy travel toothbrushes with a magnetic cap, ensuring that your toothbrush and germs stay far apart. It’s a small yet impactful detail that adds an extra layer of convenience and hygiene to your journey.

The magic of the one&done lies in its blend of utility and playfulness. Toothpaste tablets take the place of traditional tubes, streamlining your travel essentials and eliminating the mess-factor. Each tablet delivers a precise amount of toothpaste, ensuring a consistent brushing experience every time – a luxury not always achievable with traditional squeezing methods.

Özbalcı’s ingenious creation is more than just a novelty; it’s a testament to thoughtful design. “I designed one&done as a toothbrush with a twist,” Özbalcı explains. “The toothbrush securely holds up to 20 toothpaste tablets within its compact design, and also features replaceable brush parts for a more eco-friendly approach to oral care.”

Embrace a new era of dental care, one that’s as functional as it is fun. The one&done toothbrush isn’t just a travel essential; it’s a playful reminder that even the most ordinary tools can be transformed into extraordinary experiences with a touch of innovative design.

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