Location : Koblevo , Ukraine
Architect : Yuri Kovtun
Status: In Progress
Completion: 2023

The Odessa-based architecture & interior design firm K&B Partners have designed “Shell House”, a modern family recreation center planned to be built near the sea in Koblevo, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine.

The Modern family recreation center is designed for both small families (2 people) and large families (4 people or more). The concept of housing is borrowed from the mussel, a very common mollusk in the area. The house is made mainly of wood, both in the basis of the structure and in the decoration.

Can’t comment much about its interior but its exteriors is really unique. Not quite about those straw like decoration, but it does blend into the environment quite well. Really interesting architecture design, I will keep an eye on its progress. So, I might be able to share its actual pictures 2 year later.

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