Located in Italy, this highly functional tiny rooftop apartment is designed by Gon Architects. A host of built-in bespoke storage solutions are crammed into a wall of solid, bold yellow units. The bank of bright units hold two double wardrobes, a secret entryway to the bedroom, a roll-out kitchen island and desk combo, plus a bank of bookshelves, and multiple cupboards of varying sizes. Out on the compact terrace, the multifunctional theme continues with a bench that transforms into an outdoor bathtub.

One long wall of eye-catching yellow units is home to many functions of this apartment. The movable island is utilized as a part of the kitchen layout, as a dining bar, and as a comfortable workstation. A skylight fills the living space with natural illumination.

The small sofa is lightweight, which means it can be moved around the apartment with ease to accommodate different needs. When the sofa is in a central location, it teams with a drop-down projector screen to fashion a living room theatre.

The one-bedroom apartment is ingeniously adapted to offer guest accommodation with a pull-down bed design, which drops into the main living space. By day, the bed is completely concealed within a wall of inconspicuous flat, white units.

The yellow bedroom door stands flush with the storage wall. With the curtain drawn back and the door open, the windowless bedroom becomes a bright and airy space. Inside the ensuite bathroom, a vessel basin is mounted on a bright yellow corner shelf that opens up the space. Open wall shelves make toiletries easy to grab.

A small round dining table and two chairs are pleasantly anchored in place by a column of display shelves that reside in the yellow wall of storage. A small indoor plant peeps out from the shelving nook.

The kitchen is an understated white installation with concealed appliances. A matt white kitchen faucet and a simple white backsplash blend with the matching kitchen units. The monochrome design creates a peaceful visual that does not compete with the bright feature wall.

Out on the compact terrace area, a built-in bench is decorated with sunny yellow mosaic tiles and a sky-blue seat cushion. The top of the bench opens up on hinges to reveal a hidden bathtub inside. A yellow outdoor chair adds another colorful note to the small terrace. An outdoor shower affixes a fun red accent onto the white stucco wall. The water thunders down amongst a display of lush outdoor plants to create a fresh and uplifting bathing experience.

Complete Floor Plan

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