Believe or not, Italian based sculptor Håkon Anton Fagerås can carve realistically soft, puffy pillow out of white marble using a pneumatic hammer and other carving tools. Slumped in natural poses, the realistic pillows feature smooth folds and wrinkles that contradict the properties of the medium. Without the shots of Fagerås in action, we probably wouldn’t believe the finished products are not made of fabric and filler. At least, I wouldn’t be able to tell.

When asked why use marble as medium, Fagerås explained his interest in the medium, saying marble is best for expressing the nuances of emotion. “Because of the material qualities of marble itself, it appears fragile. It’s quite fragile, but it’s not that fragile, and yet it appears so because of the translucency and pureness of the stone.” He added that it allows for sculpting at a very precise level, but that he tries “not to be too literal about it. I think that my main focus is to create an atmosphere, a sensation, more than a literal representation of something that expresses, for instance, fragility.”

Pillow is only one of the amazing thing Fagerås does with marble and you can pay a visit to his Instagram page to see more of Fagerås’s marble masterpieces. [h/t]

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