As a person who loves drinking loose tea, I have collected many different tea infusers. And it becomes one of my collecting habit, just can’t resist buying tea infuser is I think that is cool.

However, not all infusers are good. I don’t want to talk about the quality or material, just simply focus on its design/appearance. There are some designs are just a bit cross my line and I really don’t think it should have been invented. For me, they are more like a gift for prank and not sure will someone really use it. At least not me.

Take a look at the list I have below. Let me know would you want to drink tea fro any of below infuser.

Do you think these infusers are a bit too large?

Tea Llama [find on amazon]

Unicorn Silicone Single Brew Tea Infuser [find on amazon]

POOL FLOAT TEA INFUSERS [find on amazon]

Unicorn Pool Float Tea Infuser [find on amazon]

These are a little disgusting.

Tongue Shape Silicone Tea Strainer [find on amazon]

Poop Tea Infuser [find on amazon]

Bettle Tea Infuser [find on amazon]

There are nothing wrong with their appearance, but somehow, they just make me think they are pooping in my tea.

Rabbit Silicone Tea Infuser [find on amazon]

Squirrel Tea Infuser [find on amazon]

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