When comes to renovation, supporting columns are something you have to face. Your house need them there, but in most cases, they are ugly eye sores if we just leave them as-is.

There is way to remove these columns and have an open space. But it will need structurally change your house and the cost will make you wonder is it ever worth doing it. I totally share that doubt and actually, I was shocked when I heard the prices. Hence, I spent sometime and look for the other way to make these columns there but look nicer. And there are actually many options. In this article, I will share my finding with you and hope it can give your some inspiration when comes to house renovation.

Wrap them, cover them, treat them as a decorative item – from classic Grecian compositions to more sleekly modern renditions, there are many of “makeups” you can apply to your columns/poles.

Blend them into your interiors and let them to part of the other elements.

Let’s them be more than just supporting columns. Make sure it, add lighting, storage, table and seating area around it. Multi-functional is a trend and the design of supporting columns should join it.

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