What’s the advantage of a coffee table shaped like beetle? I can’t think of any until I saw the one made by Radhika Dhumal, a furniture and interior design student at India’s National Institute of Design.

Titled as “Elytra“, this interesting coffee table is designed based on the form and movement of a beetle. Whenever the need for extra space arises, two glass-inlay “wings” that can be opened out to expand its surface, which cleverly mimics the movement of a real beetle that’s about to take flight. Besides the wings, the whole table is insect-ish, a rounded “head” a curved “body” and skinny “legs”.

Do you think this kind of interactive and playful table is a perfect conversation starter over a cup of coffee! Too bad there is no Information about when and where we can find this table on market.

Radhika Dhumal: Website | Behance

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