Embark on a whimsical reading journey with Fred’s Magic Sprout – the adorable mushroom-shaped bookmarks that make keeping your place a delightful adventure! Made from soft, flexible silicone, these mini-mushroom bookmarks are as squishy as they are sturdy, ensuring they stay put inside your book without damaging the pages.

With each pack of Magic Sprout, you’ll receive four charming bookmarks in two different colors and lengths – 2″ and 3″. Whether you’re diving into a novel, studying for exams, or exploring your favorite magazine, these fun bookmarks will be your trusty companions, marking your progress with style and flair.

Not only are these mushroom bookmarks practical, but they also make fantastic gifts! Perfect for office surprises, graduation celebrations, or back-to-school treats, they come packaged in vibrant, eye-catching wrapping, ready to bring joy to any reader’s day. So why settle for a boring bookmark when you can add a touch of whimsy to your reading routine with Fred’s Magic Sprout? Got it from amazon.

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