If you’ve been searching for that perfect new place to buy, perhaps among the houses for sale in Charleston, SC, or anywhere else in the country, but after looking at countless properties, you just can’t seem to find it, it may be time to start thinking about building your own, customized dream home. If you’ve never embarked on the process of designing and building one, you probably aren’t sure where to begin.

While it isn’t going to be easy, it’s likely to be worth it. Some of the latest statistics according to the U.S. Census Bureau, show that some 50,000 privately-owned homes were started in 2013 by owner builders in the United States. If tens of thousands of others can do it, you can do it too by following the right steps.

Steps to Building Your Dream Home

Take Time to Figure Out What You Can and How it Can Be Achieved

One of the most important steps is the planning stage, setting goals by asking yourself a lot of questions, such as the exact type of home you want to live in. You’ve probably already thought quite a bit about that, so now is the time to think about what it will cost and, if it can actually be achieved.
Steps to Building Your Dream Home

Set a Budget

Creating a budget starts with what you can afford and will need to include everything from the price you’ll be paying for the land and local taxes to engineering and design fees, as well as construction of the home itself, the landscaping, furniture, appliances and decorating. Don’t forget to add wiggle room because any time a house is built there are things that will happen that you don’t expect, meaning more money out of your pocket.

Buy the Land

The land, of course, is a key part of the equation. Whether it’s a lot, a place to build where you can enjoy an ocean view or construct a home in the mountains. Before that house can be constructed, you’ll need to purchase the land.

Talk to Planners

Get advice from planners to ensure that your project is viable. Most local authority planning departments provide pre-application recommends, either for free or at a cost.

Search for the Right Designer and Builder

If that project is a go, you’ll need to assemble a good team, with an architect and a builder, or a package supplier who can design and build your home. No matter what your choice you’ll need to make sure they understand what your requirements are and are able to produce something that fits within your budget. This team of skilled people will be serving as the guide and even therapists during the process of creating your dream home. When you have the best on board, it helps to make the entire venture that much smoother. Keep in mind that there are almost always hiccups in this journey, the important thing is to stay as calm as possible, keep a sense of humor and work with the team to get through it.

Steps to Building Your Dream Home

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