Design studio: littleMORE Interior Design studio
Size: 260 sq ft. net
Living member: 1 adult + 1 cat

As all the large city, the apartment in Hong Kong is fairly small and people need to think creatively to make sure of these limited space.

The apartment in the article is shared by a lady and her beloved cat. The whole living space for the apartment is only only 260 square feet/ 24 square meters. In order to open up the space, some of the interior walls are knocked down and connected together to form an open living area , a bedroom and home office.

Unlike other small room design we usually see, where designer try to lift the bed in air and create more living and dinning area. The owner has a large soft and bed, on the ground. While designer cleverly uses the furniture and floor level height to create the separation. The sleeping area is raised on a platform and delineated by a custom bookcase.

There are also some other creative ideas we can find in the interiors:

  • a cozy sitting nook along the two big windows on the back wall.
  • a multifunctional wooden wall unit doubles as wall for TV
  • a glass panel sliding door connects living room and kitchen

Do you like this layout? Personally, I love jumping to the bed after a long tiring day, rather than climb some stairs to reach to my bed. So kodo to the platform bed idea.

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