Do you want to have some Belgian-style waffles with your favorite sweet or savory toppings baked inside? Inside? Yes, inside. Stuffler™ makes it easy to use fresh fruits, pie fillings, candy, chocolate, cheese, meats and more to make delicious stuffed waffles in minutes.

Just pour the batter on the nonstick grid and add the stuffing ingredients, then add more batter, close the cover and cook. The waffle maker’s rotating design can easily flip your waffle 180° to spread batter evenly. Built-in waffle tongs lets you effortlessly lift, remove, and serve a stuffed waffle that is crispy outside and tender inside.

There are so many options with the stuffed waffle maker. You can follow the recipes provided or make your very own stuffed treat.

Cord stores in base, and waffle maker locks in a vertical position for compact storage. [buy on amazon]

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