If no one tells you these are cakes, probably not many of us would connect these geometry sculptures with cakes. From Candy-colored spheres four-tier tower to angular apple, below incredible geometry cakes are designed by Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko.

Many of the edible artworks are created by pouring mousse into silicone molds and then spraying the shapes in vibrant gradients or pastels. You might think, pouring cake batter into mold, that does not sounds that difficult. But the mold Kasko used actually designs by herself. Using these silicone molds, Dinara creates fancy desserts of geometric and abstract design resulting from mathematical algorithms and the latest 3D printing technology.

Due to the Ukraine war, Kasko traveled around Europe then finally settled down in a small space near Liverpool recently. Kasko has started to photograph her cakes again after resettling. Moreover, she is currently working on launching two online courses in addition to designing a collection geared toward the home baker.

You can shop those tools in Kasko’s store. Or follow her work on Instagram.

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