Hyperrealistic Pencil Drawing isn’t something new. Although we are still impressed by Italian artist Alessandro Paglia‘s incredibly realistic drawings, we want to focus on Paglia’s golden pencil drawing series.

Unlike Paglia’s rest works, gold is the main color of this series. Even though they have as much as details as the others, your attention will be easily grabbed by the flowing gold color. They just don’t look like pencil drawing anymore. It feels like created a bucket of golden paint and the paint is still dripping.

With his meticulous and unique technique, the Italian artist brings iconic pop culture objects to life. Unquestionably, each piece took a lot of time and patience, layering colors over colors to get the rich textures. No wonder the final result is so full of sheen and deepness.

Take a look at this stunning golden pencil drawing below. And definitely pay a visit to Paglia’s Instagram for more awesome work.

More info: Instagram | alessandro-paglia.com

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