Due to the season change, we have been talking a lot about gardening, plants. While some of you might say, yeah, these are cool, but I just simply can’t grow anything. Air plants are cool, while I like something more colorful and floral. Although fresh cut flower is one option, is there any more durable choice?

The Singapore-based artist, Mabel Low, who launched the studio Papersynthesis in 2020, crafts lifelike paper flowers such as hydrangeas, sunflowers, or an array of succulents entirely from cardstock. She sculpts each form with precision. Each pedal does not only have slightly different shape, but various curling edge as well. The leaf also full replicates how it looks like in real world, such as the delicate veins marking and the toothed/untoothed margins.

You can buy those potted paper flowers or flower bouquets. However, I won’t call it a cheap choice. Based on the price I saw from the site, a small potted flower costs around 60 USD and it can go up to 200 USD. And compared with those made of silk/clothing, they don’t last longer as well. But it totally up to you. If you want something different then the normal artificial plants, that might be a good option.

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