Night lights in the nursery aren’t necessary for baby sleep. Because babies truly sleep best when a room is really dark. However, there are times when a night light in the nursery or the room that you share with your baby / kid can be helpful. Night lights can be a great tool for night feedings, diaper changes, or other nighttime activities.

In this article, we will show you 7 Extremely Adorable Night Lights. For me, they are more like a soft toy than a functional light. These cuddly, soft and adorable night lights are dimmable and delayed turn off. So your kids can sleep in dark when the lights are auto off. And when they need them, they can easily turn them on.

Slug Night Light

With cute slug animal shape and warm light, kids will more easily fall asleep while playing. The two eyes can collide with each other to turn the lights on and off. Press and hold both eyes to adjust the brightness.

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Dull Duck Night Light

With cute Duck shape and warm light, kids will more easily fall asleep while playing. you can tap the top to adjust the brightness of night lights in the weak, medium and strong third gear and finally turned off.

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Siting Duck Night Light

Switch the ON/Off button to activate the little duck night light. Switch to 20’ to enter 20-minutes timer mode, the little duck will turn off after 20 minutes. Tap the duck body to change brightness.

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Bunny Night Light

This is a toddler and kid safe baby nursery night light. The silicone is soft and easy to wipe clean. Color Changing / multicolored mode (7 colors) Brightness Settings /50%/100% brightness. Give your child the confidence to be more independent at night with this fun and portable night light.

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16 Colors Cute Cat Night Light

The kids night light lamp cat lamp can work for about 10hrs, an all night light for kids. The kids night light cat lamp is PORTABLE & CORDLESS. When in 7-color Breathing Mode, the CUTE CAT cute night lights for kids room will change 7 different pretty colors in sequence.

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Jellyfish Night Light

The Jellyfish with a flexible tripod/Legs, versatile and easy to clip on most strollers, crib, wheelchair, carriage and etc in any position, which is humanized to use it at the dark midnight. Head of cute jellyfish LED night light , made of edible grade soft silicone with no smell or sharp edges, the silicone gives a pleasant soft touch.

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9 Colors Star Cute Night Light

The star night lights for kids room could be in 3 modes: turned off, turned on (white color) and 7 colorful mode. When the night light for kids in the colorful mode you can fix it on the selected color, or it will change color in a loop.

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