French photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer has established a niche for himself in infrared and ultraviolet photography. Using his modified mirrorless camera, Ferrer document the beautiful scenery he saw in a unique way.

As is typical with infrared photos, lush greens are transformed into red/pink hues and blue skies take on an icier color. Ferrer was particularly impressed with the Kemeri National Park during his trip to Latvia. This contrast of water and plant life makes for particularly appealing infrared imagery.

In Latvia, he explored an abandoned paper factory surrounded by pines. These trees have also found their way into the architecture, peeking through windows and shooting up through the roofless structure.

Besides the stunning photos Ferrer took in Latvia, You can found more of his stunning infrared photography on Ferrer’s Instagram page. Thanks Ferrer for bringing us the beauty of nature in a different point of view.

Pierre-Louis Ferrer: WebsiteInstagram

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