Perceiving the fundamental difference between Acrylic and Latex Paint can be a bit confusing. Why? Well, Latex paint is usually called “Acrylic Latex” while Acrylic paint is known as “100% Acrylic.”

Apart from that, it is a bit more difficult to work with Acrylic paint than Latex. It confers a greater stage of durability, weather resistance, the best option for many exterior applications. On the contrary,  Latex pain is comparatively inexpensive and uncomplicated to use, making it a worthy option for most interior applications.

However, which one does better? When should I use Acrylic Paint? When should you use Latex paint? What are the other fundamental differences between Acrylic paint and Latex Paint?

We have given answers to all questions below. Hopefully, after reading the article, you’ll be up to choose one that will be a good selection for your interior. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Definition of Acrylic & Latex Paint

First, we’ll explain the definition of both Acrylic and Latex paint that will make clear the underlying dissimilarity between them.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is basically made of pigment dependent on acrylic polymer emulsion and plasticizers, defoamers, metal soaps, silicone oils, and stabilizers. It is water-based, but turns water-resistant when dry.  Acrylic is one of the most popular right now.

In addition, this paint dries so fast, and it can be an advantage If you paint in a smaller area. But this brings disadvantages when you go for painting a large area. Acrylic paint doesn’t blend properly with the paint that is oil-based and won’t stick to a wall painted before with oil paint.

Latex Paint

It is mostly similar to Acrylic paint, which is water-based and made from acrylic resin. Latex paint, usually used to paint comparatively large areas this is not because it dries slowly, but because it can be purchased in large quantities.

Major Difference Between Acrylic Paint & Latex Paint

Acrylic vs Latex paint: What’s the major difference between them? One of the main differences is the solvent. In Acrylic paint, the solvents hold chemicals, and in Latex paint, solvents are water-based. However, This indicates, once these paints dry, the different qualities will be shown.  However, below we have shown others’ differences as well.

Acrylic Paint

Weather Resistance

When Acrylic paints dry, it turns into a strong, colorful, and weather-resistant finish. The paint can deal with Ultraviolet rays and altars in temperature. As it is water-resistant, it can be fit even in the winter and rainy seasons.

Ease of Use

It is a bit difficult to use the paint as it is, especially for art projects that come in tubes and are not instantly ready to use. If you are interested in using them, you have to thin them out first. However, as we mentioned earlier, Acrylic paints dry faster, so you won’t be up to painting huge projects as small parts will dry quicker than other parts. It will create inconsistency in your project.


It is so hard to clean up the Acrylic paint if it once sticks to your clothes. To remove the paint, you have to use rubbing alcohol or a special cleaner. It becomes water-resistant when dry, so you can clean the painted surface easily with hot water and soap.

Health Risk

As we mentioned, Acrylic paint holds a chemical substance. In that case, you have to follow some safety tips while painting with Acrylics. It is also flammable: thus, you need to wear an apron and hand gloves when working with the paint.


It is recommended to use Acrylic paint if someone wants to paint the exterior of a surface because of its durability. This paint is flexible as well and can contract and expand based on temperature on wood. It can also help prevent mold and mildew on the surface.

Best Adhesiveness

Acrylic paint has extra additives and chemicals in the paint that ensure better adhesion. As they have extra adhesion, they can easily be used to paint hard surfaces like metal and paint. And the best thing is, this paint can adhere to almost any surface.

Cost & Availability

It is a bit difficult to find Acrylic paint and much more expensive. But, it is worth it to use Acrylic paint.

Latex Paint


Latex paint is not water-resistant, as its finish is not as well-built as Acrylic paint. Thus, they are the best choice for indoor projects.

Ease of Use

This paint is simple to use compared to the Latex paint and ensures better coverage with a couple of layers.  It dries faster, so you can accomplish painting in a single day. Keep in mind that the dry time also depends on the finish. The glossier it is, the longer it will require to dry.


You can easily clean up the Latex paint after painting. To remove the paint, you can use warm water and soap.

Health Risk

This paint has no treacherous chemicals and is water-resistant; thus, there are no health risks with using it. But, we recommend using gloves and an apron while painting.


This paint is not so durable, and it is not a good idea to use it outdoors or on an Exterior surface. No chemical binders have been used on it to develop its durability.


It has a lower grade of adhesiveness because of being water-based. Additives and chemicals have not been used to improve the adhesiveness of Latex paint.

Cost & Availability

It is not as expensive as Acrylic paint and is available everywhere. For big projects, you can purchase a large quantity simultaneously.

Should You Choose Acrylic or Latex Paint?

If you get confused when it comes to choosing one from Acrylic and Latex, here is the solution. Before picking the right one, consider the things below that we have mentioned.

  • Consider the painting surface first. Acrylic paint is a good option for outdoor use, and Latex can be used indoors.
  • Think about the budget. Go for Latex if you have a limited budget.
  • Take surface area into your consideration. For smaller surfaces, use Acrylic paint, or select Latex for larger areas.
  • The type of finish should be contemplated as well. Acrylic will ensure a more durable finish than Latex, and Acrylic is more colorful and can be painted on hard metal as well.

Final Thought

So, has it been clear to you which one should be picked up? We have demonstrated all the things that you need to take into your consideration before deciding the right one. Most importantly, if you would like to paint an outdoor surface, we’ll recommend selecting Acrylic paint which is durable, colorful, and applicable for the winter or rainy season. On the other hand, Latex is less durable, and it is a perfect choice for indoor surfaces. Besides, if you have a limited budget, go for Latex paint.

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