If you notice a bad odor, haziness in water, faded color of clothes after washing, stomach issues after drink, then you must filter your home water.

Assuming your tap water is safe & relying on it is a grave mistake. The safety of your tap water depends on several factors. That said, using a filtration system is the best approach to ensure your family’s safety.

Where is your water coming from? What sorts of filtration does it use? Is it disinfected? What’s the condition of the water pipes? What’s the contamination rate of your city’s water? These are factors to consider before declaring any water safe & blindly using it.

However, with the increased water pollution, it’s never safe to trust the tap water. Besides, you need to identify if your water has issues or not.

The safest option would be to filter the water. In this article, we will be talking about the various needs for water filtration and why you should always filter water for your home

Bad Taste & Turbidity

Although every municipality takes preventive measures to safeguard the safety & purity of the water, it may still contain many contaminants. Turbidity means the cloudy nature of your tap water.

You can readily test whether or not you have turbidity issues. Take a glass of water from the tap or the source you drink from. Hold the glass to the sunlight & see if the water is murky.

If you notice the water looks cloudy, then something is wrong with it. You should avoid drinking it immediately.

Another sign is the bad taste of your water. Your water may seem crystal clear, but if it does not test right to you, that means it needs addressing.

There can be many reasons behind a foul taste. Although the municipality removes toxins from the water, the content of chlorine or mineral present in the water can make the water dull.

It doesn’t mean your water isn’t healthy. It’s excellent, but the taste is not good. Installing a carbon filtration will solve the issue for you. You can also use a water filter mag for 100% safety.

2. Construction Happened Before 1986

If your house is old, inquire about its construction time. If the construction happened before 1986, then you have to take preventive measures against lead leakages. Homes built before 1986 used lead pipes for water supply.

Also, there’s a chance that your house has lead solder sealings on the copper lines. People kept using lead tubing for water supply systems for many years until they realized the lead contamination & its adverse effects.

Using lead was finally banned in 1986. However, some infrastructures still exist & it’s always good to know if you fall in the danger zone. Lead gets leaked from the lead pipes & contaminates water. Children under six years old are in great danger if exposed to lead contamination.

An under-sink carbon filter installation can save you from lead contamination and protect your family from polluted water.

3. You Use Well Water

Many families still use well water for their daily chores. If you are one of them, you should reconsider. Because of the massive urbanization over the past decades, the healthy, clean water wells are no longer safe.

There may be pesticides or other harmful chemicals mixed in the well water.

In such cases, a typical carbon filter can not eliminate these toxins. However, if your water supply contains chlorine, lead, nitrates, pesticides & other lighter toxic metals, carbon filtration is enough to ensure safety.

But for toxic chemicals like carcinogens, arsenic, nitrates & heavy metals, you need to install a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter to purify water. Installing a RO will ensure toxin-free, better testing & crystal clear water.

4. Stained Dishes & Clothes

If you are experiencing your white clothes not becoming whiter or your bright clothes fading slowly after washing, that may be due to the chemicals present in the unclean tap water.

Your clothes become pale because of the presence of residues left over by the chemicals. That said, you can encounter rashes & allergies because of the toxic chemicals. The reason for the fading is the accumulation of soap scums on your cloth.

If there is a high level of iron present in the water, your light fabrics become rusty-shaded. Hard water can leave a grey shade on the clothes.

You need to install an entire house filtration system. Doing so will eliminate irons, hardness, sediments & other toxins from the water & keep your dishes & clothes intact. To eliminate hard water you can also install a water softener.

5. Frequent Cleaning

It’s natural to scrub the tub, sink, or bathroom for cleaning. However, if you need to struggle a lot for cleaning & have to continue regularly, your water has corroded.

The excessive harness of the water leaves magnesium & calcium on the surface, further impeding the proper cleaning. Hence, you keep scrubbing regularly but cannot clean entirely. These chemicals impede the functioning of soaps & hardly rinse away with water.

To get rid of this, you need to install an integrated water filtration system that works like a water softener.

6. Digestive Problems

Stomach aches can happen for many reasons. However, if you face stomach pain often, recheck the filtration system or install a new one if you don’t have any. Microorganisms & bacteria present in the water contaminate it & spread a bad odor.

Installing a filtration kills these parasites. Therefore, you won’t have to suffer anymore from intestinal or digestive issues. Your home water filtration system enhances the purity, clarity & safety of the water.

It also reduces the pH count & keeps it at a standard rate.

7. Frequent Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance is a common hassle that every homeowner has to face. However, some of these repair works may be needed due to the water’s poor condition at your house. The hardness & harmful chemicals of your water can disrupt the plumbing functions.

The pipes are not the only victims. All those tools that use water, namely washing machine, dishwasher, garbage disposal, refrigerator, etc. can be vulnerable.

By installing a filter, you significantly reduce the maintenance bill as you use filtered water for daily chores.

Final Thoughts

Water is an integral part of our daily life. Using contaminated water raises so many bars of security risks. Install a filter to get rid of the harmful substances in your water.

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