With Christmas nearly upon us, you might be wondering what to get everyone in your family. The hardest part can be figuring out to get for someone who lives as a prepper — preparing their house and their own family to expect the worst-case scenario and have a back-up plan to survive it. While you might not agree with them, there are actually a whole series of presents that you can get them that they will love. To help you get started, this guide has been created. Take a read on now in order to get the full overview.

Portable Power Station

If someone is living as a prepper, it means that they are skeptical of the central government to provide energy for them. This means that they will be looking for alternative energy sources in the case of any disaster, such as a blackout or government-mandated energy shutdowns. One way in order to help them have their own energy source is by gifting them a dedicated portable power station, the likes of which you can easily find online. Visit the EcoFlow website today to discover how a EcoFlow DELTA portable power station UK will be the ideal gift.

Survivalist Lessons

Survivalists and preppers found some of their methods validated by the pandemic as people realized that the current situation had a lot in common with what they were predicting. To make sure that the prepper in your family can be of great assistance should something like this ever happen again, it might be worth buying them a dedicated course with a professional.

Seed Packets

In a prepper’s worst nightmare scenario, they cannot simply waltz into the supermarket as and when they need food. Instead, they will be needing to grow their own food. One way to help them to do this is by buying them seed packets. They are relatively inexpensive but can help them to have their own form of sustenance should they ever be called upon to need it. Additionally, should they decide to start their own garden, it could be a great way for you to bond together.

Water Filtration System

Preppers want to make sure that the water they are drinking is safe. It’s a valid concern when you know that contaminated water causes up to half a million deaths a year. The way to make sure that the water they are drinking is always safe, no matter whether they obtained it from, is by buying them a dedicated water filtration system; easily one of the most useful objects when it comes to living fully off the land.

Fire starting Tools

It’s likely that your family member, who is a prepper knows how to start a fire. Nonetheless, it can be hard to start a fire under pressure or in adverse weather conditions. That’s why they will mightily appreciate it if you give them a variety of fire-starting tools that they can call upon if they finally need to.

Solar Charger

Solar power is getting more and more powerful every year. This means that if you want to have your own form of energy, it is possible to install solar panels in your house. For smaller items, such as charging your phone, you will always be able to rely on the sun as a form of power for a solar charger if the central electrical grid has gone off. This makes it a must-have item for any prepper and a great gift to give one as a present.

Military Grade Compass

Knowing your sense of direction is very important in a crisis. While some people are able to fashion a compass out of the materials around them, it’s always nice just to have one on you anyway. This means that one of the best gifts that you can give the prepper in your family is a military-grade compass that will be able to help them point north no matter where they are. It also comes massively in handy if they decide to take a camping or hiking trip.

Hunting and Fishing Tools

Preppers have to learn to get their own meat for survival. This means that they will warmly welcome it if you give them both hunting and fishing tools. While buying them a fishing rod is pretty simple, you might need to go through more hoops if you want to buy them a rifle. For a more sustainable and easier option, perhaps think of giving them a bow and arrow instead.

Waterproof Sleeping Bag

Preppers are prepared to live roughly if the time calls upon it. In order to be able to do this, however, then they definitely need a high-grade waterproof sleeping bag. You will easily be able to find a good one online or in the shop. Make sure to read independent reviews from like-minded people, so you know that you are getting the right one.

How-To Guidebooks

It might be the case that the prepper in your family already has all the items written above on the list. That’s why it might be a smarter idea to buy them a book from trusted people in the field. Just make sure to visit them beforehand so you can see which books they already have so you will know that you are definitely buying them a brand new present.


You may not understand the prepper in your family, but the chances are that you do love them. In order to share that love with them, definitely pick one of the options on the list that you are sure that they don’t already own, and they will be more than grateful for the present you have given them. It’s been the aim of this guide to take the stress out of present buying. Remember that you can revisit this guide every year if you find yourself stuck for gift-giving at any time of the year, whether it’s birthdays, Christmas, or any other holiday you may celebrate; there will always be good ideas for your picky prepper friends and family.

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