Mixing sustainability with amazing design choices is the best way to make your home trendy in 2022. There are many amazing ways to boost the look of your home while ensuring its fit to be both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. If you’re looking to purchase a home, knowing how to seek out a sustainable, stylish property is key. To help you on your journey, here are the nine most sustainable home design trends in 2022:

1. Japandi

Japandi design is a blend of Scandinavian and Japanese styles that has become insanely popular with minimalist-loving homeowners in 2022. The focus is on removing clutter and ensuring all your home’s design choices reflect a blend of form, function, and sustainability. And, by the way, bamboo furniture and naturally dyed fabrics go wonderfully with this design aesthetic.

2. Tiny Homes

Tiny homes have remained one of the most popular choices for new homeowners that want a simple, affordable, and environmentally-responsible route to becoming a new homeowner. If you do not mind a more simplified design and functional approach to your home, tiny homes will give you the best bang for your buck. Plus, the adorable look of tiny homes will impress many would-be homeowners. If you’re professionally customizing your home, the design choices you’ll have at your disposal when constructing your tiny home will be mind-blowing.

3. Prefabs

Prefab homes are “pre-fabricated” and then shipped to a building site where they can be quickly and sustainably assembled. If you’re looking for a way to create less waste, put up a home on a property quickly, and know exactly what your home’s design will end up being, prefab homes will be right up your alley. The sheer variety of design choices and elements you can choose from when going with a prefab home has made them especially popular amongst new homeowners in 2022.

4. Smart Homes

If you’ve bought any appliance in the last five years, you’ve likely seen the absolute explosion of new, quality “smart” devices. Not only do these keep your home more energy-efficient and sustainable, but they allow you to use appliances in a more intuitive, productive way than ever before. Especially when it comes to smart fridges, the amount of fancy new tech that you’ll unlock is difficult to overstate.

5. Statement Glass

Statement glass allows you to blend the outdoor and indoor elements of your home. The glass is made to be extra kind in terms of letting in natural light and adding some natural ventilation to your home. For those that enjoy feeling one with the Earth, statement glass and other similar “statement” design choices will prove incredibly attractive (so be sure to put them on your list of potential projects).

6. Green Roofs

If you want to have a sustainable, trendy home in 2022, you need a green roof. Adding a roof-top garden, solar panels, and other energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly objects to your roof is a game-changer. Depending on the style of your roof, it may be difficult to implement all of these projects, but you can find at least one green project to add to your roof if you have a creative, professional home designer working with you.

7. Living Walls

Living walls are defined by walls that are covered in vines or other living plants. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they add a highly improved air quality to your home. If you want to integrate a living wall into your home, it’s best to do so on the exterior of the home, although with the right set up you can do so on an interior wall as well. The upkeep can be intense, but the effort and investment you’ll be making will pay off big time.

8. Non-Toxic Materials

Why it might seem obvious that you would want to use non-toxic materials when building your home, this is not necessarily the norm in the home design and construction industry. Finding a designer and/or builder that can use materials that do not release harmful VOCs and other toxic materials is key. Remember, when designing your interior, your furniture and paint can also contain toxic materials. Look for organic furniture and non-toxic paint. Doing so will keep you, your community, and the environment around you safe as you construct (and do upkeep on) your home.

9. Cargotecture

Cargotecture is one of the most innovative, trendy ways of building homes in a more sustainable, affordable manner. By using recycled materials from shipping containers, and other industrial byproducts that are no longer being used, a full-on new house can be created for much cheaper than a traditional home. These homes are also more “green,” so they will be incredibly attractive to environmentally-friendly home buyers.

Sustainability is Style

If you keep your home’s design, look, and function sustainable, you’ll be doing your part to save the planet, while looking fabulous in the process. These nine choices are all some of the trendiest, most attractive design choices that have overtaken US homeowners in 2022, so make sure you start paying attention and figuring out what sustainable home design project you want to take on this year.

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