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Metal living: 5 modern uses for the Quonset Hut

When it comes to eco-friendly and maintenance-free exterior buildings that are both cost-effective and easy-to-assemble, they don’t get much better than the SteelMaster Quonset Hut. Originally designed as a quick solution for troops in...


A Multi-Story Urban Treehouse in Turin, Italy

Designed by Luciano Pia, this incredible treehouse located in “a small forest” of Turin, Italy. With an attempt to evade Turin’s homogeneous urban scene and integrate life into the facade of the residential building,...


Bloom: Futuristic Semi-submersible Farm

Bloom is a futuristic concept about marine farming designed by French firm Sitbon Architectes. The spherical structure is designed to be a semi-submersible laboratory garden, cultivating microscopic marine organisms known as phytoplankton that produce...