Project Name: Two Intertwined Homes
Builder: baukultur/ca
Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Size: Each unit 3 storeys + finished basement; approx. 2.000sqft, in total approx. 4,000sqft
Photo credits: Michael Peart

Toronto-based design and development company baukultur/ca recently completed the construction of two-family homes on an infill lot and footprint which would be conventionally occupied by a sole single-family house. Located on a tree-lined residential street in one of Toronto’s popular downtown neighbourhoods, just steps to public transport and the lively main road, the Two Intertwined Homes, with two 4-level residences, is heading the way amongst the few but increasing number of houses in Toronto designed to minimize the carbon footprint.

Although the interior design is modern and clean, it isn’t the most special parts about the project. The key is to put two ground-bound family homes on one shared infill lot with 25 feet in width. The solution provided by baukultur/ca arranges the two 3-storey homes intertwined, one behind the other, without losing breadth of space, a loss that is typical of conventional semi-detached design. The two homes interlock each other, yet the pair remain present and accessible through both the sunny front yard from the street as well as to the back where one would find a private backyard and garaged parking space. The homes share a meandering common wall which zones spaces within each home.

Unit A

Unit B

West Facade

East Facade

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