People always have to consider the look, design, and functions of their home when they first take steps toward being a real-life homeowner. Whether you’re looking for a renovation or seeking out a new home to live in, knowing that the exterior will fulfill your aesthetic and functional needs is crucial. The style of roof that your home has becomes especially important in this regard. If you’re still unsure of what type of roof you want for your home, educating yourself about the different styles that are out there can help. To assist you on your journey, here are six popular roofing style ideas for homeowners to consider:

1. Saltbox Roof Style

Combining the look of a gable-style roof with the lean-to look of a shed-style roof, the saltbox-style roof design uniquely mixes class and style. However, the design also makes it necessary to significantly cut down on the living space on your home’s upper level. Due to this, many homes that have saltbox-style roofs are considered to be closer to a 1 ½ story height, rather than a full-on 2 story height (and so on). If you’re looking for a house that has a colonial-style look to it, however, having a saltbox-style roof will prove incredibly useful in achieving your design goals. No matter what style of roof you’re looking to achieve, roofing experts and designers can help you get the job done.

2. Butterfly Roof Style

One of the most unique roof styles on this list, butterfly-style roofs look similar to an inverted gable-style roof. Take an upside-down V, invert it, and adjust it to your home’s unique design, and you have one of these specially-designed, eye-catching roofs. Because the installation needs and upkeep needs of butterfly-style roofs are so high, however, they have become much less common. For homeowners that can afford the style, and want a roof that will be certain to make their home stand out from their neighbors’ homes, butterfly-style roofs are a sure bet. For those looking to add “green” qualities to their roof, butterfly-style roofs can be a great option.

3. Shed Roof Style

Shed-style roofs are less common in modern homes, but their classic look makes them immediately recognizable regardless. Shed-style roofs slope one way like a lean-to and are angled in a flat, industrial-looking manner. This keeps heavy rain off of the roof with ease and gives homes with the shed-style roof look highly similar to those you’d imagine existing on farmland. If you want a roof that makes your home look down-to-Earth, the shed-style roof is a stellar option to consider.

4. Hip Roof Style

Hip roofs are one of the more unique roof styles on this list. Hip-style refers to roofs where the slopes on all sides come to the top, and meet at a ridge. If you live in an area that has extreme weather, the design can help protect your home from water build-up and other potential problems. Hip-style can be done using a high or low pitch, allowing you to adjust the design and impressively look of a hip-style roof. The particularly complex-looking design of hip-style roofs has made them incredibly popular amongst trend-conscious homeowners, especially in 2022.

5. Flat Roof Style

Flat-style roofs are exactly what they sound like (a horizontal roof that only slightly dips to ensure water can drain off of it effectively). Flat roofs have come back into fashion recently, making them one of the more demanded roofing styles for homeowners in 2022. One of the major advantages of having a flat-style roof is that it allows you to maintain the full height and room space of your home’s upper-level rooms. Not all homes are built in a way that can support a full-on flat-style roof, but many have the option available to them (even if some minor adjustments or renovations might be needed beforehand). Flat-style roofs are perfect for homeowners that want to install solar panels on their roofs as well.

6. The Gable Roof Style

Although the name seems as though it’s one of the least common roof styles on this list, The Gable style is one of the most commonly used styles around. Picture an upside-down V, and you’ll get a clear idea of what the Gable style is. If you want a roof that is classic, affordable, and can be made using practically any type of building material out there, the Gable-style should be on your list of options. Typically, however, shingles, metal, and slate are the most popular materials used when constructing a Gable-style roof for a home.

Make Your Roof Stellar

With the right guidance, renovations, or updates, you can unlock your dream roof design. Topping off your home with a roof that will keep you safe, cozy, and aesthetically fulfilled is key if you want to be a happy homeowner. With the right luck, you’ll find the design that will finalize the look of your home, and which will make you feel proud to show off your home (and the home’s amazing roof) to all of your friends and family.

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