When you’re running an apartment complex, finding ways to constantly excite your tenants, while simultaneously attracting new ones, becomes a critical task that you simply must succeed at. Landscaping and lawn care projects, as well as maintenance, are a critical way of making your complex appear both professional and appealing to your dream tenants.

While most companies that run apartment complexes understand this need, they often opt to try and manage all of the complex landscaping and lawn care needs they have in-house. Not only does this sacrifice quality, but it ensures that your staff will be overworked and underappreciated. To ensure your complex is gorgeous, and that you’re focusing on your business’s longevity, here are four reasons your apartment complex needs to hire a landscaping company:

1. It’s All About Psychology

When you’re looking to attract new tenants, psychology is your best tool. Now, as a thought experiment, consider that you’re looking at two different complexes. One that is beautifully kept and has manicured lawns, and one that is shaggy and that only has its grass cut when the complex can spare some extra man-hours. The choice that you’ll be going with as a renter is clear-cut, right? If you want to stand out from the infinite number of other complexes that compete with your rental prices, having a beautifully managed landscape is one of the number one ways to do so. Making sure that the first moment a potential tenant sees the property is enough to convince them of its quality is key in competing with other apartment complexes, after all. Brand-new, gorgeous landscape lighting setups are especially great for attracting qualified tenants!

2. It Will Save You Money in the Long Run

Did you know that poorly cared for lawns and landscapes can lead to expensive, difficult-to-fix problems in the long run? Termite infestations, ant issues, foundational problems, and invasive species are all much more likely to become issues if you let your complex’s landscape go uncared for regularly. By hiring a consistently available, professional lawn care service, you can invest in keeping your complex both attractive and pest-proof. The many other additional services they have to offer your apartment business will prove incredibly attractive as well, so check them out now if you want to begin a professional relationship that will revolutionize the success of your apartment complex.

3. Built-In Curbside Advertising

Advertising your apartment complex online can quickly become a pain, and will cost your business tons of time and money. If you want to gain a way to advertise your complex from the curb, at no cost at all, you need to begin considering the fact that a well-kept complex is an advertisement in its own right. People often drive around their dream locations when they’re looking for a new place to rent, so if you can make your complex look incredibly attractive from the curb, you’re much more likely to attract new tenants to your property in a real-world fashion. With the cost of online advertising continuing to skyrocket, and inflation showing no time of stopping any time soon, businesses must combine their renovation and advertising budgets whenever possible (and this is one of the absolute best ways for apartment complexes to do so).

4. Immediately Boost Your Property’s Value

If you’re looking for a way to both boost the interest in your complex, and boost its actual value, landscaping and lawn care projects are an incredibly attractive option. If your complex is surrounded by natural beauty, lawns that are perfect for picnics, and other great outdoor attractions, you can justify charging more for your units than your direct competitors. By continuously upgrading the beauty and comfort of your complex, you’ll be more likely to retain quality tenants year after year as well. If you’re still wondering what projects will excite your existing and future tenants the most, it may be useful to put out a survey that hints at potential outdoor renovations and new upkeep practices. The suggestions you’ll get from your customer base can help point you in the right direction, ensuring that you get a major ROI from the budget you spend on any landscaping and lawn care projects.

Make 2022 Your Apartment Complex’s Greatest Year Yet

There are many amazing ways to boost the appeal, comfort, and beauty of your apartment complex in 2022. However, few are as multi-faceted and ROI-packed as hiring a full-time, dedicated landscaping and lawn care company to manage your apartment complex. Once you’ve seen the amazing renovations, care, and appeal they have to provide you, you’ll regret having ever gone without one!

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