Have you heard of the saying “there is no one-size-fits-all”? This saying also applies to lightning in every room in your house. Just as each room has different purposes they serve, so should their lightning differ. While making these choices, some factors need to be considered to have the perfect lighting for your room.

There are lighting experts on the market that can make your life easier, and help you with designing lighting for your house – Simple Lightning is one of them. It’s important to pick an expert that will let you experiment with many different styles and types of lights.

Let’s talk about the different options of lighting that you have – before you get overwhelmed. There are a lot of options out there, and before you get lost, it’s good to put them into easy to understand categories.

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Three Types of Lighting Every Room Should Have

Ambient Lighting: This is sometimes referred to as “general.” These lights provide illumination for the entire room to ensure you can quickly and safely move throughout the space without bumping into furniture when it is dark. Examples of ambient lighting include the main ceiling light, floor lamps, wall lights, or floor lamps.

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Task Lighting: This lighting is mostly used when carrying out your everyday tasks and chores such as cooking, reading a book, or using the bathroom. Examples of task lighting include desk lamps, under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, floor, and table lamps.

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Accent lighting: Accent is a special type of light that is often used for creating a decorative atmosphere. This type is used to illuminate artwork or an architectural feature. It is also used to highlight textiles, a plant, or a collection of objects.

Now you have gotten the drift of the three types of lightning rooms often found in a house. Let’s now throw some light to how you can go about lighting every room in your house.

Choosing The Perfect Type of Lighting for Every Room in Your House

Living Room

Here, the concept of layered lighting is vital as this is where you spend most time entertaining friends and guests, watching TV, and performing other activities. Hence, lights such as Flexible Track Lighting that can provide ambient, task, or accent lighting is perfect here.

A feature like Atomic Ceiling Light that is provided by Etsy can help achieve this look. Task lightings such as table lamps or well-placed wall sconces can also be functional in your living room, especially in enhancing your ability to read.

Dining room

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the dining table; therefore, you will agree that a gloomy atmosphere is not the best option here. The lighting in the dining room should focus primarily on the table. Good lighting is the idea here. Hence, illuminating the table with both ambient and task lighting is the best choice.

A pendant or chandelier is the perfect decorative and functional option for this room. Additionally, scones can be added to the wall.

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Have you heard of the saying, “Where the bedroom is wrong, the whole house is wrong”? It is not because of anything, but the relaxing nature of this room. Your bedroom is probably the only room where you can be when it’s completely dark or completely bright. Not getting your bedroom lighting wrong is essential to make it a relaxing and comfortable abode for you after that long and busy day.

A central pendant is a perfect choice, but bedside lamps can also create a nice ambiance—for example, decorative table lamps or hanging pendants. Well-diffused overhead lighting made of frosted glass will also create an ambiance without harsh glare. Besides, architectural lighting and floor lamps can be a great choice.

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The lighting for this room needs a balance of covered task and ambient lighting to ensure food preparation, cleanup, and food serving are done with ease. Overhead lightings such as downlights or track lighting (like those provided by Hudson Valley Lighting), central ceiling-mounted fixture giving ambient light, and task lighting for the counters should be considered here.


Choosing the wrong lighting for your bathroom can have it’s consequences. Considering that your bathroom is for your grooming, an adequately lit mirror will be a great and perfect idea. If you only have ceiling lights, you won’t be able to see your face properly, as shadows will drop downward and distort what you see – whether you’re putting on makeup or trying to shave.

Place sconces on each side of mirrors to achieve more balanced lighting. Bright light is best for bathrooms. Hence light options with about 70-80 lumens per square foot is a great deal for your bathroom.

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It is noteworthy to mention that these described tips will only help you decide the perfect lighting system for each room in your house. They are not strict rules. As it has been said, each room requires different and specific lighting requirements, and these tips will serve as a reference for you in giving your rooms the perfect and excellent lighting.

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