Are you on the hunt for the perfect hue to revamp your living space? Look no further than neutral colors in interior design. Despite their reputation for being dull, these versatile tones offer endless decorating possibilities. They serve as a blank canvas for incorporating eye-catching accents or as a means of creating a tranquil and open environment.

From bright and airy to cozy and sophisticated, neutral colors have the power to transform any room. They are easy-to-use and give you the freedom to experiment with different patterns or pops of color for an eclectic touch or an incredible skyline effect.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your space or start fresh with a new home, here are 5 design ideas inspired by these furnished rentals in NYC on how to use neutral tones effectively to craft an elegant and cohesive look in your apartment

What are neutral colors?

Neutral colors are those that don’t lean toward any particular hue on the color wheel– think white, black, gray, nude and brown. These colors can be used in conjunction with each other or with pops of color to create a variety of looks.

They are versatile and easy to work with, making them a great option for those who want a sophisticated classic look. They can be combined in endless ways to create different effects. For example, pairing black and white together creates a stark contrast, while adding a pop of color can brighten up the space.

Neutral colors can be used to create a calm and cohesive look in your apartment because they work together to create a sense of peace and harmony. They also have the ability to make a space feel bigger and brighter.

How to use Neutral Colors to Create a Calm and Cohesive Look in Your Apartment>

Use a limited color palette>

Stick to a few neutral colors and use them throughout your space. This will help to create a sense of harmony and avoid any jarring contrasts.

In terms of which colors to choose, there are a few different routes you can take. You could opt for all white, which will give your space a clean and airy feel. Or, you could go for a more subdued look with gray or beige tones. You could even mix and match different neutrals to create some interest. Just make sure that everything fits together seamlessly.

By limiting the number of neutral colors you use, you can create interest and depth in your decor.

Use texture to add interest>

Texture is one of the most important elements of design, yet it is often overlooked. Adding texture to your space can add interest and depth, making it more visually appealing.

Texture can be added through fabrics, furniture, flooring, and textured paint. For example, if you have a neutral sofa, you could add some interest with throw pillows in different textures like velvet, leather, or fur. Or, if you have hardwood floors, consider adding an area rug with a fun pattern or texture. You can also incorporate texture into your furniture choices, such as opting for a leather sofa or a fur throw blanket.

By adding different textures throughout the space, you’ll create an inviting and stylish apartment that feels like home.

Accessorize wisely>

When it comes to accessorizing your apartment with neutral colors, it’s important to remember that less is often more. Instead of filling every nook and cranny with tchotchkes, take a more minimal approach and focus on quality over quantity.

Choose pieces that complement the overall tone of the space, and be sure to place them at eye level for an added touch of sophistication. A few well-chosen accessories will help to tie the whole look together and give your apartment a polished feel.

Two key things to keep in mind when accessorizing are scale and balance. Make sure the pieces you choose are in proportion to the size of your room – large artwork or furniture will look out of place in a small space, while smaller items will get lost in a larger room. And be sure to balance the placement of your accessories so that they don’t all end up on one side of the room.

Add pops of color.>

While neutral colors can be calm and relaxing, they can also be a bit boring. To add some pizzazz to your space, try incorporating accent pieces in bolder colors. Bold accents can help draw the eye and create visual interest, while still maintaining the calm and cohesive look of your space.

Here are a few ways to help add interest to your neutral color scheme;

  • Paint one wall in a bright or bold color. This will instantly add some personality to your space.
  • Hang colorful artwork on your walls. This is an easy way to change up the look of your room without having to make any major changes.
  • Incorporate colorful throw pillows or blankets into your décor. This will help to define different areas within your apartment and create a sense of flow.
  • Add a brightly colored rug to your floor. This will make a big impact and help tie the room together.
  • Invest in some colorful window treatments. Curtains or blinds in a bright hue can really liven up a room.

The key is to use colors that complement each other and don’t clash. For example, if you have a neutral-toned sofa, you could add some colorful throw pillows in shades of blue, green, and yellow. Or, if you have an all-white bedroom, you could add an accent chair in a bold color like red or orange.

Bring in nature>

Adding plants, flowers, or even just a few simple items like seashells can really help to bring a sense of peace to your space. Not only will it make your home feel more inviting, but it can also help to improve your mood and overall well being.

Another way to bring nature inside is to use natural materials in your decor. This could include using wood furnishings, stone accents, or organic fabrics. Incorporating natural materials will give your space an earthy feel that will help you feel more connected to the outdoors.

And finally, let as much natural light into your home as possible. Open the curtains during the day and arrange furniture near windows to maximize sunlight exposure. You’ll instantly feel more relaxed and at ease in your space when you take a moment to breathe in some fresh air.


Neutral color palettes are timeless, elegant, and can make any space look cozy and inviting – perfect for creating an atmosphere that encourages relaxation. By following the above tips, you should have no difficulty creating a tranquil environment in your own home.

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