As we move closer to the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen so many weird and wonderful customizations around world to help stop the spreading. With the restriction bar lifted in many places, indoor dining is open again. However, since no one can eat with their mask on, indoor dinning is still a bit concern for some people.

Hoshinoya Tokyo, a restaurant in the Japanese capital that’s proposed a novel way of dining safely in the pandemic era. From October 13th, the restaurant begins ‘Tokyo lantern dinner’. This is a dining experience with transparent lantern suspended over each person’s head, creating partitions between each guest.

The main purpose of the project is to let people enjoy table conversation. As we all know, masks hide our facial expression and causing unclear speech.

Hoshinoya Tokyo chose lanterns as they are an object attributed to traditional Japanese customs and culture. They measure 75 cm in diameter and 102 cm in height; and feature a large transparent section made from 0.15 mm vinyl. Designed to be both functional and beautiful, the lanterns also feature an integrated light that illuminates the face with soft light.

To experience the Tokyo lantern dinner will set you back 30,000 yen ($264.50) per group and 21,780 yen ($192) per person. How do you like this idea?

h/t: designboom

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