You may not have noticed that safety and security are two different things. It would help if you had them both in your house. Security refers to protection against deliberate harm or threat. Safety refers to protection from unintended threats and accidents.

Many people who keep a gun at home for safety are the same ones who refuse to wear a seat belt, George Carlin says. We’re mostly aware of security threats but almost neglect our safety. They are both critical.

Ensuring both safety and security in your home is vital, especially with the assistance of this fire watch security company in California. It’s not just about having a one-stop solution; it’s a continuous process. Start by installing a home surveillance system and placing CCTV cameras at critical locations. Then, regularly monitor and address any vulnerabilities to enhance your home’s safety and security.

How to Keep Yourself Safe at Home

It would be best if you kept potential hazards at home under close watch. Keep items in their correct places. Designate clear paths. Place heavy items that can fall on the floor at an appropriate location.

Lock medicine in safe cabinets. Medicine is risky for children, any suicidal person, and anyone who does not have a prescription. Also, keep the floor dry at all times to prevent sliding. You can put in place mechanisms to manage spillages, like wiping wet floors immediately.

Design an emergency plan for your home. Get everyone to know what to do in case of an emergency like a fire. The plan could include a fast reaction, a safe way out, and a place to assemble. The design can also have basic first aid measures.

Other safety measures at home are;

  • Ensure your alarm system is working and always remember to turn it on.
  • Cover electrical outlets to prevent children from inserting objects.
  • Store hazardous items away from food

The Best Security Cameras for your Home

The best security idea for your home is to invest in a sound surveillance system. Great security systems may include CCTV systems, access control, video intercom systems, alarm systems, and so on.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras use cables to transmit video feeds to a set of monitors. They come in different types with varying specifications. Consult an expert for options that suit your home environment. The cameras are best when they achieve your most desired security goals.

Most Canadians use alarm systems alongside CCTV security cameras for better surveillance. With a quick search, you will have an idea of the alarm supplies in Perth. Experts often say that you should consider an alarm system that meets your expectations and budget.

The alarm will alert you in case of any security breach. And the camera will capture the intruder’s appearance.

Home Security Tips from a Master Burglar

The ‘mind of a burglar’ can reveal to you critical security measures to keep. Certain loopholes in the house become an aid to burglars. You need to eliminate all the ‘aids’ and bring in deterrents.

Burglars target reserved neighborhoods and residents with predictable routines. When you leave doors and windows open, keep big fences or overgrown trees, you make your house an easy target. They also like quiet areas and darkness. This helps them to hide, do what they do, and leave without causing disruption.

To secure your home, invest in deterrents. Some common ones are good neighbor relations, big and loud dogs, good lighting, alarms, and security cameras.  Burglars want to use the least time to execute their plans. So make it hard for them by increasing barriers they need to overcome.

Police Tips for Home Security

The police are your valuable help. Have their working contacts. Follow their guidelines and cooperate with them. They know the most exploited loopholes, making them a voice you don’t want to ignore.

To protect your home from intruders, make it hard for them to see through windows. They may probably see a valuable item like a laptop or handbag through the window. Then plan to come back when least expected.

Make it look like someone is always home. You can install light timers to create an illusion that you’re present. The police have observed that intruders want minimal resistance. So if they know you’re not home, the job is simple; getting in and out faster undetected.

Other home security tips and tricks from the police are:

  • Trust your neighbor with your extra keys. Don’t hide them under doormats or a rock, or in a potted plant.
  • Include a wide-angle viewer in all your entry doors to see whoever is on the door without opening it.
  • If you can afford it, install motion sensors and light motion. The light switches on when the sensors detect motion.

Practical ways to keep you and your family protected are many. Keep watch for your safety and security as well by putting in place the measures discussed.

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