Sujata Setia, the founder of But Natural Photography, has primarily dedicated her practice to newborn and family photography. Recently, Setia, the London-based photographer, decided to shift her focus by adding sentimental portraits of elderly couples.

The reason behind this switch is because Setia can find enough photos of her grandparents. As Setia said “I think my parents never took enough pictures of me and my grandparents because you always believe your parents are invincible until the day they leave you. When they’re gone, there’s a sense of loss over the lack of photos.”

Setia hates to think of the same thing happening to other families. With that in mind, she has spent the last year in her travels offering to take photos of grandparents (and great grandparents) with their grandkids as a gift to them. Sometimes when Setia requests a photo session, the grandparents and child haven’t met or spent much time together, which makes capturing the moment even more special.

As Setia mentioned “The messages I receive from people who have come across these images are both heartwarming and heartbreaking. I hope that this project has inspired them to photograph their grandparents and great grand parents with their children before it’s too late.”

Below are some of Setia’s grandparent series. You can head to her official site or Instagram to explore more of her newborn and family photography.

h/t: huffpost

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