What happen when a food artist happened to be a meat department manager? Kieran Gormley, meat department manager at Uwajimaya, a grocery store in Seattle, demonstrates what he would do in below pictures.

Basically, Gormley uses ground beef and pork to design epic sculptures inspired by his favorite characters from video games or pop culture. As you an see, this creative and talented meat department team frequently displays different works of art made from ground meat.

Spiders, pigs, dragons, Star War. Honestly, I never thought our ground meat can looks that fancy. However, it just raises another question, do I want to buy / eat those ground meat sculpted by someone? Probably no for me. But if this is only for display purpose, I kindly feel sorry for the meat waste.

But anyway, that is just me. I believe many people loves Gormley’s ground meat sculptures. Moreover, the grocery store Uwajimaya also seems to support him. So there are more and more new ground meat sculptures coming out. You can follow Epic Grinds (Tumblr) to see more.

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