Did you ever see split sidewalks erupted around the defiant roots of trees? If yes, what comes to your mind? Government needs to send someone to fix it? Probably most of us will have such thoughts. However, the split sidewalks are different in Xomatok‘s eyes. The artist painted bold color spectrums on split sidewalks. Vibrant pinks, yellows, and blues blanket the sides of the concrete, juxtaposing the natural and human-made and highlighting the power of the wooden giants in the urban environment.

According to the artist: “This series of interventions brings us closer to a conscious experience in the streets, through the intervention of the cracks in the concrete that reveal the force of nature present in urban life, an allusion to the unveiling of other realities that exist in parallel to it”.

Vibrant rainbow color seems to be Xomatok’s favorite color. You can see it influences many artist’s works, from fashion to everyday object. If you like these colorful hue and want to see its artistic usage, you can follow Xomatok’s latest works on Instagram.

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