When you are cross stitching or doing hand embroidery, there tends to be a lot of picking up and putting down of your needle. Needle minders are magnetic stitching accessories designed to help prevent your needle from getting lost when you need to take a short break from your stitching. While not an essential tool, it is handy to keep in your workbasket or project bag.

They are available in a wide range of styles, colors. And some ones can be collecctible as well. Basically, needle minders are made from two strong magnets with a decorative top and a plain backing magnet. They are attached by sandwiching the embroidery fabric between the decorative top magnet and the plain backing magnet. The usage of magnet is to make sure the tool won’t pierce or puncture your embroidery fabric. Moreover, the magnets can hold your needle in place.

Below are some vintage style needle magnets we come across. If you or you know someone love sewing, these can be a great gift option.

Bee needle magnet [buy on Etsy]

Witch and broom needle minder [buy on Etsy]

Bee needle minder [buy on Etsy]

Sewing machine needle minder [buy on Etsy]

Butterfly needle minder [buy on Etsy]

Plant needle minder [buy on Etsy]

Octopus Needle Minder [buy on Etsy]

Cicada Needle Minder [buy on Etsy]

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